Know Your Pool

Do you know your pool? Not everyone knows all the ‘pool jargon’ that goes along with their swimming pool and equipment. That’s ok, most folks don’t, but here’s a handy graphic that will help you better explain your problem to us. With a bit of explanation, you can talk about your pool like a pro.

The process of filtration starts with the skimmers and main drains. The skimmers are collection pots at the top of the pool which collect leaves and other debris. The name is commonly confused with the net you put at the end of a pole to clean the pool’s surface, but that is what’s known as a ‘leaf rake’. The main drains are the covered inlet fittings at the bottom of your pool. 

Water is drawn into both the skimmers and main drains by the filter pump. The water passes through the pump and into the filter via the multi-port valve. This is the multi-setting device on the front of the filter which allows for different settings like filter, recirculate, backwash, rinse and waste.

From here, water passes through the filter and into the pool heater, if applicable. Then, water makes its way back into the pool via the pool’s returns. And that’s it! In theory, pretty simple, but a lot of things can go wrong along the way. We’re here to help when something does.